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Online resources on the history of Greece

George Finlay, A History of Greece, From its conquest by the Romans to the present time, B. C. 146 to A. D. 1864
Vol. I, Greece under the Romans, B. C. 146 – A. D. 716
Vol. II, The Byzantine Empire, Part I, A. D. 716 – 1054
Vol. III, The Byzantine and Greek Empires, Part II, A. D. 1057-1453
Vol. IV, Mediaeval Greece and the Empire of Trebizond, A. D. 1204 – 1461
Vol. V, Greece Under Othoman and Venician Occupation
Vol. VI, The Greek Revolution, Part I
Vol. VII, The Greek Revolution, Part II

The town of Lavrio
Resources history of my father’s hometown, Lavrio, in the Attiki prefecture, about 60 kilometers SE of Athens:
Lavrio in Wikipedia
Lavrio Technological and Cultural Park – A center for technology and culture found on the grounds of the old French Mining Company of Lavrion (Compagnie Francaise des Mines du Laurium); founded in 1992, an initiative undertaken from the National Technical University of Athens.

The island of Spetses
My great grandfather grew up in the island of Spetses.
Here are a few resources:
A blog on the history of the island of Spetses.