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Hand bookbinding

Many manuals and guides are in the public domain – old, old technology! – and have been included in the scanning efforts at Google Books:

  1. Douglas Cockerell, Bookbinding, and the care of books: a handbook for amateurs, bookbinders & librarians: Issue 1 of Artistic crafts series of technical handbooks, D. Appleton and company, 1901
  2. Wesley Washington Pasko, American dictionary of printing and bookmaking: containing a history of these arts in Europe and America, H. Lockwood, 1894
  3. W. J. Eden Crane, Bookbinding for amateurs: being descriptions of the various tools and appliances required and minute instructions for their effective use, L.U. Gill, 1885
  4. Paul Adam, Practical Bookbinding, Van Nostrand, 1903.
  5. Arthur Low Bailey, Library Bookbinding, H. W. Wilson Company, 1916.
  6. Florence Bean, Bookbinding for Beginners, School Arts Publishing, 1914.
  7. John Cotton Dana, Notes on Bookbinding for Libraries, Library Bureau, 1910.
  8. Joseph Zaehnsdorf, The Art of Bookbinding, George Bell & Sons, 1890.

Some of those can be found here too.

More modern treatments of the subject can be found in the following books:

  1. Manly Banister, Bookbinding as a Handcraft, Bell Pubishing, 1980.
  2. Josep Cambras, The Complete Book of Bookbinding, Lark Books, 2004.
  3. Edith Diehl, Bookbinding – Its Background and Technique, Rinehart & Co., 1946.
  4. Arthur Johnson, The Thames and Hudson Manual of Bookbinding, Thames and Hudson, 1978.
  5. Arthur Johnson, The Repair of Cloth Bindings – A Manual, Oak Knoll Press, 2002.
  6. A.W. Lewis, Basic Bookbinding, B.T. Batsford, 1952.
  7. Laura S. Young, Bookbinding & Conservation by Hand, Oak Knoll Press, 1995.
  8. Bernard Middleton, Recollections – A Life in Bookbinding, Oak Knoll Press, 2000.
  9. Pamela Richmond, Bookbinding – A Manual of Techniques, Crowood Press, 1989.
  10. Keith Smith and Fred Jordan, Book Binding for Book Artists, Keith Smith Books, 1998.
  11. Aldren Watson, Hand Bookbinding – A Manual of Instruction, Bell Publishing, 1988.
  12. Annie Wilcox, A Degree of Mastery, New Rivers Press, 1999.

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